How To Make $100 A Day Selling T-shirts Online

Thinking about starting a t-shirt / clothing  company? Good for you ! But before you invest money, or spend your time buying / creating your own t-shirt designs – make sure to read this article. One can make a lot of money selling or promoting clothing online – but it’s not as easy as many people think.

There are few ways to earn from selling t-shirts :

Clothing Affiliate Programs

t-shirtsThis is one of the easiest ways (and many times – the fastest one) to earn from “selling” t-shirts
online. You don’t have to pay or invest anything, handle the customers, or ship the t-shirts you sell. Many online clothing websites offer affiliate programs. Every time you referrer someone  to the website, and they buy something – you earn a commission. I can tell you for sure that MANY t-shirts are sold online everyday. If you can make many people click on your affiliate links and buy those t-shirts, you can make a lot of money.

Here are few clothing selling websites that also offer an affiliate program :

  • T-shirt Hell – On this website you can find hundreds of funny t-shirts. It’s a very popular website that sells many t-shirts on daily basis. You can join their affiliate program and earn $2 per shirt sold through your affiliate link. They also provide you with banners and other marketing material – very helpful. With the right traffic, the conversion rate can be very high. Cookie length is 45 days (once someone clicks on your affiliate link, he has 45 days to complete a purchase and you will get a credit for it).
  • Amazon – You can find thousends of t-shirts on Amazon. You can earn as much as %8.5 commission per shirt that you sell through your affiliate link. Make sure to read our Amazon Associates Guide. The conversion rate on Amazon is very high, and since Amazon is a well known website that many people trust – it’s easier to sell the t-shirts and earn money. Cookies length is 24 hours.
  • eBay – Many different t-shirts are sold on eBay, including from well known brands. You can join eBay’s partner program and earn a commission someone buys a t-shirt (or pretty much- any product) through your eBay affiliate link. With the right traffic, the conversion rate is decent. Cookie length is up to 30 days.
  • Zazzle -On this website, anyone can design t-shirts and sell them. You can also join their Associates (affiliate) program and earn as much as 17% per sale. Cookie length is 45 days.

Most of the times you will make few dollars on each t-shirt sold through your affiliate link. That’s not a lot – but remember that your goal is not selling 1 t-shirt a day but many. You can promote t-shirts with your affiliate links on your website, on YouTube, Facebook and other websites. I will talk about that later.

Printing Custom T-shirts And Selling Them

There are 2 ways to this : The first one is providing a t-shirt printing company with your custom how to start a tshirt comapnydesigns, they will print it and deliver the t-shirts to your storing place. Then, you will need to sell those t-shirts, ship them and provide customer support. The second option is “on-demand printing”. Only after you sell a t-shirt online, you send the t-shirt printing company the design the buyer ordered, and they print it. Many of these companies can ship the t-shirt directly to your customer. This way, you don’t have to invest money up-front or find a place to store all your t-shirts. You spend money printing the t-shirts only after you make money selling them !

  • Not all of us can design nice looking t-shirts. So, there are some solutions out there. One of them is buying designs from websites like GraphicRiver. On this website you can find hundreds of t-shirt designs with printing license. Most of these designs cost few dollars, so that’s pretty cheap.
  • Another great way to get into the t-shirt business is with opening a Shopify store. On Shopfiy’s app store you can find apps of t-shirt printing companies. After configuring everything, you will have a t-shirt online store that works automatically. Someone visits your website, chooses a t-shirt and places an order. It’s send immediately  to the printing company, that prints it, and sends it to the customer. You just have to make sure your price is higher than the printing and shipping cost the printing company offers.

Teespring is a great platform that allows you to design t-shirts and then sell them. They handle the shipping and the technical stuff. You just need to drive traffic to your sales page and make sure people commit buying the t-shirt (when enough people will buy it – it will be printed and shipped).

Bulk Buying And Reselling

This means buying large quantities  (“wholesale”) of (ready-to-sell) t-shirts from suppliers and then selling them for a profit.  In many cases, a big investment is needed. You of course also need a place to store all the clothing you bought, then to sell it, and ship it. Moreover, you need to provide your customers with a costumer support.

How To Get “T-shirt Buying” Traffic

It does not matter if you choose to work with clothing affiliate programs or buy wholesale t-shirts, one of the most efficient ways to promote the merchandise is via a website. This time I won’t talk about the technical details of how to build a website, but focus on how to get the traffic. A website without traffic (people visiting it) won’t make money.

  1. Facebook Ads – Facebook can be very efficient when it comes to selling t-shirts. You pay each time someone clicks on your ad. If you earn enough money per each t-shirt you sell, you can make a lot of money promoting your t-shirts on Facebook.
  2. Forums -You can promote your t-shirt website or your t-shirts on related forums.
  3. Ad Space Buying – Buy ad space on niche related websites and advertise your t-shirts. Check out BuySellAds.com for example.
  4. SEO – Organic traffic can convert very well. Make sure your website contains high quality content and SEO optimize it.
  5. Offline Advertising – Be creative ! A newspaper ad with your website URL can make you a lot of money, even if you are an affiliate promoting clothing goods !

$100 A Day Selling T-shirts : Is It Possible?

Sure ! But, it’s not easy. As I mentioned before, In my opinion, joining clothing affiliate programs create a shirtand promoting t-shirts other people sell is one of the safest and fastest ways to earn from “selling” t-shirts. But, since t-shirts don’t cost hundreds of dollars, you won’t earn a big commission on each one you sell. So, you have to sell on average 30-50 t-shirts a day in order to earn $100 a day. Can this be done? Yes, especially if you own a big website, or know how to drive high-quality traffic to your offer / website.

It’s “easier” to earn $100 a day selling your own t-shirts (buying a stock / on-demand printing) since you earn more on each shirt you sell. But, in this case – it’s more complicated since you actually have to operate a business, provide customer support, handle the returns, and much more.

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