Popular YouTube Channel Ideas

YouTube is the largest video sharing website in the world. At some point that decided to allow video creators to earn money from their videos – and changed the industry for ever. Nowadays, all you need to earn money online is a camera and a YouTube channel. Oh, and a good idea for your channel 🙂 Today I will list some interesting and popular YouTube channel ideas. Choose one and start working ! It takes a lot of time to gain subscribers and actually earn a full living from YouTube. In fact, only one in tens of thousands achieves that !



If you have a boring life – then this is not the right idea for you. But if you do something interesting everyday – why not film it? Vlogging is a very popular genre. Some people use their smartphone to capture videos, while others buy and use professional cameras. For start you can always buy an affordable action camera. In most cases these sports cameras come with many mounts – which hare very useful. Check this akaso ek7000 review  if you don’t know which camera to choose.


Unboxing Products

If you are addicted to online shopping – maybe you should record cool unboxing videos. Make sure to make them interesting – no body wants to watch someone unboxing toilet paper. Many popular YouTube release unboxing videos from time to time. Some channels focus mainly on that.

Gaming Videos

Do you like playing video games? Nice ! Why not record gameplay videos and upload them to YouTube? It’s really easy – all you have to do is install a screen recording software on your computer like Screencast o matic . While many programs cost money – some are free and in some cases – open source. Make sure your gaming videos are really interesting – if you are boring – no one will watch your videos, and surely won’t subscribe to your channel.



Do you know how to cook? well, many people are willing to learn ! Record nice cooking tutorials and if they are interesting enough – people will watch them for sure ! Consider finding your small niche – paleo cooking lessons, cooking a meal in less than 20 minutes etc. Be creative – it is the most important thing.



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