How To Make Money With Amazon Associates – Full Guide

Amazon’s affiliate program (officially called “Amazon Associates”) is very popular nowadays. Thousands of people make a full living with it. In my opinion, it’s one of the best affiliate programs online. Here is why :

  1. Huge selection of products and categories – consumer electronics, toys, sport goods, food and much more !
  2. Great conversion rate. Everyone knows Amazon and trust it. It’s one of the biggest online retailers in the world. Their customer support is great, the shipping is fast, and the prices are low.
  3. Good Affiliate Support. You can always chat with a representative, or call the affiliate team directly.

earningsWhen someone clicks your Amazon affiliate link, a 24-hour cookie is registered in his browser. You will get a commission for everything he buys during those 24 hours. Even if he did not bought the product you linked to. Many people buy from Amazon on weekly or daily basis. That makes everything much simpler and increases your earnings.

How To Join Amazon Associates Program?

Anyone with an Amazon account can Join the Amazon associates program. It’s free, and it only takes few minutes. If you live in the USA, The money you earned can be sent directly to your bank account.

How Much Can I Earn?

It all depends on how many people visit your website and click on your affiliate links. Also, the price of the products you promote is a big factor. You start with a 4% commission on sales. The more sales you make, the bigger the commission percentage you will receive.

adversing fee rates
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As mentioned before, the conversion rate (“CR”) on Amazon is really good – much higher than on other websites. I met people that had a constant CR of about %10. If your website traffic is from USA, that’s very good. Keep in mind that if you join Amazon.com’s Affiliate program, you will get an advertising fee only for sales made on Amazon.com (mostly USA residents), not other Amazon websites ( Amazon.uk , Amazon.ca and others). Each Amazon website has it’s own Affiliate program. You can join them all by the way.

How To Earn With Amazon Associates?

With the right strategy anyone can earn money with Amazon Associates program. The thing is – make-money-amazon-affilite it’s not as easy as it might sound. The most common method used to promote Amazon products is with “reviews”. How many times you searched for “Product Name] review” on Google? I do that all the time. Before I buy something online, I want to read what other people think about it. Many of these websites that review products, will place their affiliate links all over the page. And you guessed it right, when someone clicks on that Amazon link, and buys the product – the website owner gets his commission.

In my opinion, building “review websites” is a good method to start with. You won’t earn money overnight, but with the right SEO skills and enough time – the results can be excellent.

Micro Niche Websites

Many affiliates choose to build micro-niche review Websites (for example – “DSLR cameras” review website). On these websites, they post articles and product reviews. Generally speaking, It’s much easier (and faster) to rank these micro-niche small websites on Google, but now it’s much harder than in the past. That’s because so many people built and building micro niche websites. The competition is tough, and as a beginner affiliate marketer – it’s hard to succeed. Also, keyword planning and research is not as easy as it might sound.

Broad Niche – Authority Websites

In my opinion, choosing a broad niche (like audio/sports/toys/etc..) and building a website around it is a good strategy. Ranking this kind of website takes time, a lot for time. You have to update the website on regular basis (including product reviews with affiliate links of course), and overtime gain the trust of your visitors. After many month (or years), your website may be considered as an “authority website”.

You must decide how narrow or wide your niche will be, and then build a website around it. There, you can post related product reviews, and get money each time someone buys the product you wrote about (after clicking your links).

How To Choose A Product To Review

This step is very important and crucial for making money with your website. This is my tips for choosing products on Amazon to review on your website :

  • Number Of Reviews On Amazon

The more Amazon reviews a product has, the more popular it is. So, should you choose products with hundreds or thousands of Amazon reviews? Well, there is one thing that many affiliate marketers forget about. The more Amazon reviews a specific product has – the more affiliates are reviewing it on their website. So, let’s say you choose a digital camera (with 1000 Amazon reviews) and post a review of it on your website. Do you really think visitors will come? There are hundreds of other website that already reviewed it ! You should review those very popular products only after your website ranks really well on Google. But until then – focus on products that have reviews, but not too many.

  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank

Each product on Amazon has its own “Amazon Best Sellers Rank”. If you choose a digital camera on Amazon for example, and it ranks ” #37 in Camera & Photo” – that means it sells REALLY well. Since “Camera & Photo” is a VERY big category, I would say that any product with ranking higher than #20,000 is good enough. Better rankings = more sales on Amazon = more people that look for reviews of the product.

  • Date Of Published Customer Reviews

On Amazon, customers can post product reviews after buying it and share their experience with others. Scroll down and look for those reviews. . If you see that almost every day a new customer review is written and posted– that means the product is HOT now, and sells on daily basis. But – if new reviews are posted every few weeks – that means that not too many people are buying it.

  • Other Affiliates Promoting The Product

Let’s say you want to review the “Canon EOS Rebel T5” digital camera. Google “Canon EOS Rebel T5 review” and see how many websites already reviewed it. If you see pages upon pages of reviews – then probably that’s not a good product for you to review right now. Maybe in the future, when your website will be able to rank well on these keywords. Some people may think that because a product has never been reviewed online by any website – it does not sell well. Many times it’s not true.

  • Price

Many beginner affiliates choose to review only expensive products so they can earn more per sale. That’s not a good idea. Selling cheaper products (“under $100) is easier that more expensive ones. The CR is much higher. Also, by selling many cheap products – you increase your commission rates, and therefore you will earn more per any expensive item you sell.

How To Write Good Reviews

After you chose a product to review from Amazon, you need to “create a new post” and write your review. The best way to review a product is first to try it of course. It’s obvious. writing-good-reviewsConsider reviewing products you or your friends already own. Aim to always write high quality reviews that help the reader make the right decision – not you a commission. Your website visitors are not stupid. If you review a product with many cons, don’t hide them ! Instead, just recommend a better product (Remember that if someone buys a product through your Amazon affiliate link, and then returns it back – you won’t earn nothing. So it’s a good idea to help your visitors choose the best product for their needs by writing honest, detailed reviews).

What if you don’t have products you own to review? What is the best way to review a product without buying it and testing it ? I recommend reading some customer reviews, and reading the product description itself. Also, search for high quality reviews online and read them as well. After that, you should have enough details about the product and you will be able to write a decent review. When you start, it will take you sometimes even 40-50 minutes to write 1 review. But after some time, you will see that it takes you much less time. Create a “review pattern” for yourself. Just write down the points you want to talk about in each review you post. For example : price, pros and cons, design, build quality, alternatives etc..


  • Include more than one image in every review.
  • Longer, detailed reviews work better than short ones. Let the reader know why the product is better than others, and what are the cons. Offer them alternative products as well (with your Amazon affiliate link of course).


Writing reviews can take time.  After your website starts making money you may consider hiring someone that will write the reviews for you. Actually, you can even guide them on how to choose products on Amazon , and then review them. That will allow you to have and maintain few websites without any problem – since you don’t waste time on writing reviews.

Where can you find and hire people that will write reviews / maintain your website? Check out websites like Odesk and Freelancer. If you are looking for workers with cheaper rates – then you should also check out http://www.onlinejobs.ph (you can hire English speaking Philippines there).

Finding a good virtual assistance can take time, but it’s worth it. Some cheap workers can really write high-quality reviews.

How To Build A Website Quickly?

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SEO Tips

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Big portion your website traffic will come from search engines, mainly Google (that’s what happens in most cases with affiliate websites). So, you need to make sure your website ranks well. If you review a product called “camera1”, then you want people to easily find your website and review when they search for “camera1 review” on Google.

I will not talk about SEO optimization in detail in this guide. Instead, I will give you few tips :

  • Make sure your website is fast.
  • Use H1, H2, H3 title tags in your posts.
  • Post external links to other websites with high PR.
  • Include internal links to other reviews on your website.
  • Include images in your posts, and make sure to set their ALT.
  • Make sure your main keywords are in the URL itself.
  • Don’t set too long URL’s.
  • Make sure your website is easy to use and navigate.
  • Don’t copy reviews from other websites. Always write down your content (or hire someone).
  • Don’t copy content from page to page or from other websites.

Important Things To Remember

You can find many tips online regarding Amazon’s affiliate program. Before you do anything – Make sure you read Amazon’s terms of service, Associates Program Operating Agreement, Conditions of Use and anything related. Never do anything prohibited. Read it few times. By doing anything against their rules, you risk your account and it may be banned. Anything you read on WebBizUp and apply is only on your responsibility.

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