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How To Start Making Money On Fiverr – Full Guide

Fiverr is an online marketplace offering different services – for just $5. There are hundreds of thousends of people that sell their services on Fiverr : proofreading, voice-over, drawing, programming, SEO, virtual assistance and much more ! The website is very popular now because as I mentioned before , most services there are prices at just $5. Where else can you find someone to proofread 2000 words, for just $5? Or professionally voice-over your videos for the same amount? You can’t ! And that’s why so people are using Fiverr on regular basis. It can save you a lot of money.

Make Money With Fiverr

You can also offer your own services on Fiverr and actually make money ! It’s not extremely hard,  but you still surly need to know the basics . This days, it’s harder to earn money from Fiverr that it was in the past. That’s because there are so many seller now on Fiverr.

For example – let’s take the proof-reading service (it’s pretty popular on Fiverr). There are hundreds of sellers on Fiverr that offer this service. Many of them already have reputation and good rating. So, if you start today offering a proof-reading service – do you think that you will have any advantage over other sellers? I don’t think so. But – don’t give up yet ! If you can think out of the box – you can still earn and succeed ! Let’s use our example again. Search for “proofreading” on Fiverr. Now, see – how many words on average, sellers are willing to proofread for $5. About 1500 words I would say. Now, what if you offer proofreading 2500 words for $5? You clearly have an advantage now over the other sellers. Now, don’t get me wrong – i’m not saying you should always work harder than the other sellers. You should do it when you start up. After few weeks, you will gain quite some ratings and customer testimonials. And that will allow you to raise your prices.

Many people over-price their services, and then wonder why they don’t make any money. You can earn a lot from Fiverr, but that won’t happen overnight. Be patient and consistent.

How Much Can You Earn On Fiverr

Fiverr also allows you to sell “Gig Extras” along with your main gig (“service you sell”). For example – if you provide proofreading services, you can offer an extra option (“gig extra”) of 24 hours fast delivery for additional $10. Now, you earn $15 (before fees of course) per sale ! Of course than not all of your customer need fast delivery, but still – some of them do ! Most of the “proffesinal” Fiverr sellers offer these kind of extra gigs. It can double their earnings !

fiverr extras


So, why did I start by telling you about the gig extras? Because many people believe that you can’t make a lot of money on Fiverr, because of the $5 price tag. That’s false ! Use the gig extras in your advantage, and you will be surprised by the results.

Fiverr takes a fee of 20% of the transactions. So if your gig sells for $5 – you will earn $4 per sale.

Let’s say you aim to earn $1000 a month selling on Fiverr. That won’t make you a millionaire, but that’s a good start. You’ll need to sell about 9 gigs a day (270 a month). Now, if half of your buyers pay for an extra gig (additional $5), you’ll only need 4-5 sales a day. That sounds reasonable, isn’t it? Definitely possible to achieve !

After few months, you should quite some ratings and customer testimonials. That will attract more buyers. And also, you will be able to add more expensive extra gigs, that people will be interested in purchasing.

What Services I Can Offer On Fiverr ?

That’s a tricky question, since it depends on your skills – what you can provide. Here is a list of ideas :

  • Proofreading.
  • Article writing.
  • Business copy-writing.
  • Voice-over.
  • Programming (for example – building websites, fixing code).
  • Logo/banner/landing page/business card design.
  • SEO services (for example – social bookmarking).
  • Financial Consulting.
  • Video editing.
  • Virtual assistant.

Promoting Your Gigs

There are so many gigs on Fiverr, It may be hard to get sales when starting up. That’s why you should consider promoting your services using these methods :

  1. Forum Signatures – Sign up to forums related to the niche of your service, and place a link to your Fiverr gig in your signature. Make sure not to spam these forums. Be helpful and post great comments.
  2. YouTube Videos – Create a video about the service you are offering and upload it to YouTube. Don’t forget to place a link to your gig in the description.
  3. Blog Comments – Search for blogs about your niche, comment and include a link to your Fiverr gig. Again – it’s super important : Don’t spam !

You should of course also get sales regular from organic searches on Fiverr. The methods above I mentioned are great for those who only starting selling on Fiverr and want to speed things up.

Customer Support

It does not matter if a person pays $5 or $500 for a service. He still want to be treated right.  You need to understand that no matter how good are the services or products you provide  – there will be people that won’t be satisfied with your work. Most of the Fiverr buyers won’t cause any problems. But – if you come across a troublesome customer – sometimes it’s better to just let go and refund his money.

Also, it’s very important to respond to customer’s messages as quickly as possible. I sure understand that you can’t spend 12 hours a day siting in-front of your screen answering customer’s questions. But do you best, communicate with your customers and make sure they are happy with your work. The testimonials, reviews and ratings they leave are VERY important for you. Would you buy from a Fiverr seller with many negative ratings? I would not for sure.

Fiverr Tips

  1. Deliver Fast – Your customers want to be priority #1. Therefore, do your best to deliver fast as possible. Feel free to offer fast delivery extra gig, but make sure your standard delivery times are reasonable .
  2. Money Back Guarantee – $5 may not sound like much, but it still someone’s money. Respect your customer’s money. Offer than a money back guarantee. If they are not satisfied with your work, they won’t feel “cheated”.
  3. Gig’s Title And Description Is Important – Spend some time and check successful seller’s gigs in your niche. How they write their titles and descriptions? What keywords they use? Learn from it.
  4. More coming soon 🙂

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