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How To Develop Apps For Less Than $100

Many people think that app development is very expensive. That’s partly true. Hiring  programmers that will create an advanced app for you can cost tens or even hundreds of thousends of dollars. But, luckily there are some alternative ways to develop apps for cheaper. You can create an app nowadays even with a budget of just $100 or less ! In this article I will discuses the different ways you can develop and create apps.

How To Make An App

Do It Yourself

There are thousands of great app development tutorials and courses online. Many of these courses are free. For example – on YouTube you can find thousends of free “how to make an app” video tutorials and small courses. All of these videos are offered for free of course. By watching them you can learn the basics and start developing very basic apps yourself !

You can also find “premium”, high quality app development courses on websites like Udemy as well. Some of the courses there cost as little as $10. I definitely recommend checking this website out. Of course that many of you would prefer watching free app developing tutorials on YouTube, but you need to understand that a paid course is an investment. Your goal is to learn from the best, then to develop apps yourself and earn from them.

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Hiring A Programmer 

As I mentioned before, programmer’s time is expensive. Especially if you hire an experienced one. But – there are some exceptions. On Fiverr for example – you can find many programmers that will create an app for as little as $5 (for a basic app). These apps will be pretty simple and basic, but for extra money they can build more dynamic and complex apps.

Why would anyone develop apps for $5? Well, the answer is actually pretty simple. On Fiverr, many of the sellers and programmers are from third world countries (like India for example). For these people – few sales of $5 each add up, and they make a full living offering their services on Fiverr. There are other similiar websites like Fiverr (offering services for $5), but I personally only use Fiverr because of their helpful and great customer support.

On Websites like you can also”hire” foreign programmers for cheap. Not all programmers there are good enough or have enough experience – so keep that in mind and be careful.

Buy Apps And Games

There are many websites and online marketplaces that sell apps and games (ready-to-launch, working apps, as well as app templates). After you purchase an app, you need to customize and it’s ready to be launched ! Some of these apps costs thousends of dollars, but many of them cost just few hundreds of dollars. If you know coding (you can learn the basics by taking an online app development course or watching free tutorials on YouTube) you can do the customization yourself. If you don’t – you can hire someone to do that for you (even on Fiverr).

On Chupamobile you can find thousends of different iOS and Android apps for sale. Some of them are pretty cheap. This website also offers different services related to apps marketing.

How Much Can You Earn From Apps

Many app developers make a living from their apps (for example – from in-app purchases). But that does not mean it’s easy or that anyone can make a lot of money from mobile apps. A popular app (or a “viral app”) can generate tens of thousands of dollars a day. But you must remember that most apps won’t generate nearly as much in a year. Many app developers invest their time and money developing apps, only to discover they earn pretty much nothing from them.

how to create an app

How To Earn From Apps

  • In-app purchases
  • Premium Versions
  • Ads (Like Google Adsense)
  • Donations 

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