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How to Make Money On YouTube

Youtube is one of the most popular video sharing websites in the world. While most people upload their videos for fun, there are thousends that actually earn money from it. In this guide, I will talk about the different ways you can earn from YouTube.

Google Adsense

You can easily monetize your videos with Google Adsense. Each time an ad is displayed or clicked, you earn money. You can expect making $1-5 per every 1000 videos.

If your don’t get many YouTube views – you won’t earn much (few dollars a month at best). When your channel grows and your videos are watched thousends of times a day – your earnings will be increased dramatically.

When you get to the point that your videos receive more than 1,000,000 views a month- you can expect earning thousends of dollars from YouTube ads.That won’t happen overnight (most of the times), but it’s definitely achievable.

youtube adsense earnings

Paid Reviews

If your Youtube channel is popular, you can start charging money from companies, and review their products or services. More and more companies nowadays understand the power of video marketing and Youtube. You can make thousends of dollars for each paid review you upload.

Affiliate Marketing

In the video description, you can post your affiliate links and earn a commission every time someone clicks on them and makes a purchase. For example – you upload a video review of a toy. By including an Amazon affiliate link in your video description – you will make a 4-8% commission on every sale. Now, that may not sound like much – but if your video receives 50,000 views, and 3000 Amazon link clicks – a LOT of money can be made (thousends of dollars – from just 1 video !). You can read our Amazon associates guide for more details.

There are thousends of different affiliate programs online in pretty much any niche.

youtube affiliate earnings


You can ask your viewers and subscribers to donate you money on monthly bases (using services like Patron). Many YouTubes do that. This method won’t work for anyone. But if you upload high-quality, helpful videos on regular basis, and have many subscribers – you may want to give this a try.

Take a look at the Ownage Pranks YouTube channel. This guy makes funny videos and prank calls. He decided he also wants to release funny cartoon videos (“animating” the prank calls). Since creating this videos is an expensive process , he launched a Patron campaign. It worked really well !

patron youtube

Selling Merchandise

Many YouTubers also sell their own Merchandise (t-shirts, smartphone cases, etc..). This practice is very common among fitness related Youtube channels. You can easily do that with services like Spreadshirt or Zazzle. You decide how much each item sells for. If you lack of design skills – that’s not a problem as well ! You can hire designers online (even for as little as $5 per design! Check out Fiverr).

Many YouTubers make thousends of dollars monthly selling branded t-shirts and other clothing related products. They just include links to their Spreadshirt / Zazzle store in the video description and mention that in their videos.

Youtube Selling Merchandise

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel

If you want to earn money or actually make a full living with YouTube, you should start building your channel today. As mentioned before – it takes time until you see serious results and earnings. That’s why most people give up early, they don’t have the patience. We all want to see results quickly – that’s OK, but the reality is different. Start today, and you will be happy you did it in the future ! Here are few ways to promote your YouTube channel and grow it :

Paid : 

  • Youtube Ads – You can actually advertise on YouTube and promote your channel and videos.It’s one of the fastest ways to gain subscribers, video views and awareness to your channel.
  • Facebook Ads– You can also advertise your channel on Facebook (and target the audience as you want). You can get decent results with a fairly small budget.

Free :

  • YouTube Comments – Many people don’t only watch videos, but also read the comments ! Comment on popular videos and let other people know about your channel. Just don’t spam of course.
  • Forums – Post a link to your Youtube channel in your forum signature.
  • Collaboration With Other YouTubers – If you know someone that has a popular Youtube channel, ask him to help you. Maybe take a part in one of his videos and tell the viewers about your channel.

Fastest Way To Make Money On YouTube

There is one way to quickly make money on YouTube. It’s called “viral videos”.

Viral Videos

Viral videos are shared quickly and gain millions of views in very short time, sometimes days. Creating a “viral video” is not easy at all, but it’s possible. It’s all about thinking out of the box. Check out this Forbes article. It provides useful information and contains great tips for anyone looking to create a viral video.

youtube viral video


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