How To Improve Your Website Speed

Many tests were done in the past to determine if the page loading speed impacts the bounce rate, conversion rates and more. The results were very clear – the faster the page is, the better conversion rates are. For online businesses this is crucial – they can increase their sales pretty easily.

Big websites and online stores many times have a a system that allows them to host their website on multiple servers around the world, and the page will be loaded from the nearest location, relatively to the user.  So if the user is from USA – the page will be loaded from a USA based server, and if he is from UK – a server located in UK will respond. This is useful when your website visitors come from different countries – very far from each other.

So, as you can understand – improving your website speed is indeed, very important. Luckily, in most cases it can be done easily, especially if you use WordPress. Here are some of the tools and methods you can use :


Enabling server cache is very simple. If you use WordPress-  you can use plugins like W3 Cache . The great thing about it is very easy to configure, but if you are an advanced user – you can get access to advanced settings and improve the cache speed results even more. If you website is not WordPress based, you can also use the htaccess file on your server to configure cache. It is very simple actually !


Server Size

Hosting your website on shared hosting plans is a big mistake. Many people do it because they think this is the cheapest and easiest way to host their website. But in fact – unmanaged VPS servers are very cheap and much faster than shared hosting. You can easily double or triple your page loading speeds. All you need to do is move website to vps. It is very simple. When your website grows and becomes more popular – it is important to buy more server resources and make your VPS more powerful so he can handle everything quickly.

Image Size

It is very important to optimize the images on your pages. You can easily make a 1MB page a 300KB page by optimizing the images. If you are using WordPress then you can also use different plugins that will do that for you. I prefer optimizing each image myself using websites like this.


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