The Best And Coolest eBay Alternatives


Etsy focuses on hand-made and vintage items. About 40 miilion people visit Etsy every month. There are hundreds of thousends of different items for sale listed.

  • For buyers : A very big selection of hand made and vintage items. Most of the items are sold for reasonable prices. You can even find gold and silver jewelry on Etsy. The customer service is very good. Many of the sellers also ship worldwide. Etsy also has an easy to use app, so you can shop on the go as well.
  • For Sellers : Reasonable fees (the listing fee is just 20 cents. Etsy’s transaction fee is 3.5%). You can also use their app for sellers to manage your business anywhere. They provide you with really powerful tools. If you have hand-made products to sell, with the right marketing strategy you can make a lot of money selling on Etsy.




Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world. They are well known for their amazing customer support.

  • For Buyers : As a prime member you get free shipping on most items. As mentioned, the customer support is second to none. I think that most Americans know and use Amazon, but it’s still worth mentioning. It’s not as well known or widely used worldwide.
  • For Sellers : Selling on Amazon is simple and can be VERY profitable. Many people are making tens of thousands of dollars a month doing so. Check out Amazon’s FBA program for more information. You can read our Amazon associates guide to learn how you can make money with Amazon, without selling or dealing with customers.



The website replaced Rakuten’s Play.com. On Rakuten.co.uk you can find many product categories and tens of thousands of products for sale.

  • For Buyers : Competitive prices, a lot of products to choose from and great deals from time to time.
  • For Sellers : You can open your own online store at Rakuten.co.uk by submitting your enquiry  here.



Your own eCommerce Store

As a seller, you can also open your own eCommerce store. You control everything, and can take your business to the next level. We will publish our detailed eCommerce store opening guide very soon.


eBay is one of the biggest ecommerce websites in the world. Tens of thousends of people make a living selling items on eBay or promoting other’s products (eBay’s affiliate program). I think eBay is a great website – both for sellers and buyers. But some people choose to sell their products on other websites as well. Here are some of the reasons for that :

  1. Diversify Your Risk – There are many “horror” stories online about people that got their eBay seller account banned. I don’t say that they close accounts for no reason, but even if you are a good and experienced seller – you are still a human and can make mistakes. You don’t want to find yourself one day stuck with stock worth thousands of dollars, and a banned eBay seller account. If you sell simultaneously on other websites as well, your risk to “lose it all” is not as high.  And of course – make sure to read eBay terms of service (and other legal related documents), and play by their rules. Just because you sell your products on few websites doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want.
  2. Increase Your Profits – Millions of people buy from eBay every day. So, if there is a demand for the product you are selling – it’s likely that you will earn money. Even if you compete with many other sellers. But you must remember that eBay is not the only online marketplace website . Many people also buy from Amazon, Etsy, and similiar websites. Why not sell your items on other websites as well , and increase your profits? In some cases, an item that sells really well on eBay, won’t sell as good on Amazon for example. But in many cases – it can sell even better (or at least as good).
  3. Targeting – Let’s say that you sell hand made necklaces on eBay. You may sell 10 of them a week (for example). That’s not a lot – but you must remember that many people that look for these handmade jewelry, don’t search for them on eBay. Instead, they visit websites that specialize in this niche (like Etsy). By selling your items on these websites, you can reach laser targeted audience and sell in high volumes.
  4. Lower Fees – It’s not a secret that the fees eBay charges from sellers are pretty high (and don’t forget about PayPal’s fees as well !). Many other online marketplace websites charge lower fees. But remember – sometimes it’s better to pay a higher fee and sell twice as much, then pay lower fees and sell nothing. Not all websites receive as much traffic as eBay – and that’s an important thing to take into consideration.
  5. Selling Digital Downloads – If you are selling eBooks, music (yours) or anything that is delivered digitally – then eBay is not the best platform to sell on. There are websites like Payloadz that will allow you to sell your digital products much easier.


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